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Dae Geon 대건 Profile

Birth name: Kim Daegeon
Blood type:O
Position: Main vocal
Education: Graduated from Seo Seoul Life Science High School, Korea National Open University
Hobbies: Listening to music, cooking
Specialties: Singing, soccer, piano, cooking
Nickname: 2nd oldest hyung that seems like a magnae
Favorite food: Tonkatsu, fried rice, Pasta, samgyeopsal
Things you hate: None
Favorite color: Black
First thing you do in the morning: Wash face
Thing you do before sleeping: Listen to music broadcast
If you were animal, what animal would you be: Squirrel
Motto: Finish today's work today! "One who dies after eating is happier than one who dies without eating."
Role model: My mom, musiq soul child