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Rae Hyun 래현 Profile

Real Name: Kim Raehyun
Birthday: 91.06.08
Height: 178cm
Weight: 61kg
Bloodtype: O
Position: Vocal & Laundry^^
Education: Graduated from Anyang Arts High School, Sungyul University Theater & Film Department
Hobbies: Watching movies alone, sports with a ball, listening to old songs, martial arts
Specialties: Boxing, musical, golf, acrobats, acting
Nickname: Blackhole (I often don't understand what people are saying, and a bit confused)
Favorite food: Kimchi, samgyeopsal, sushi, chicken
Things you hate: Green peppers, snakes
Favorite colors: White, red
First thing you do in the morning: Turn off the alarm clock, pray
Thing you do before sleeping: Set alarm, pray
If you were an animal, what would you be: Calf
Motto: Diligence makes up for incompetence.
Role model: My dad, Eric Benet, Chekov