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The visual boys group F.CUZ held a release event at Tower Records’ Shibuya store on the 23rd to commemorate the release of their 2nd Japanese single “LUV HOLIC/AROUND YOU”.

Starting off with the new single “LUV HOLIC” they sang 3 songs in total. During the event they hugged fans, laughed at Jinon who ripped his pants while dancing among other things making it a fun gathering. At the end of the event a rock-papper-scissor championship took place where the lucky fan winning got a signed poster as present.

After the live ended they also held a handshake event which was probably the best Christmas gift for the fans. On the same day at 11AM a teaser was revealed showing the 2 new members joining F.CUZ. 5 membered F.CUZ will certainly bring forth new characteristics and new charms.

source: KEJ News
trans. cred; focuzed translation

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