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F.CUZ has been joined by a new member and are beginning their new activities next year.

LeeU who gained attention for being the son of Sul Woon Do left the group in August this year after which F.CUZ has been doing activities in Japan as a 3 member group.

F.CUZ has now been joined by new member Daegun (22) and are heading for a comeback with a new song in February. Daegun possesses not only good dancing skills he also is a great singer and have been preparing for (joining F.CUZ) since the first half of the year.

F.CUZ agency stated “Until now F.CUZ has been active as a 3 member group with Jinon, Kan and Yejun but they’re now being joined by the new member Daegun” and “Thanks to being joined by a member with great vocals they’ll be able to take on lots of new challenges next year.”. They also said “F.CUZ who’s been very silent since the loss of a member will now finally be taking their first steps forward. They’ll now be starting their preparations for their Korean comeback in the beginning of the year.”

F.CUZ agency has uploaded a video of the new member Daegun on sites such as youtube to let the fans know of the new member. In the video Daegun sings his senior Jang Hyejin’s hit song “1994 One Late Night” showing of his abilities.

F.CUZ released their first Japanese single “NEVER LET YOU GO” in August this year. As promotion for this they had 2 fan meetings to spend time with their fans. They started of their Japanese promotions favorably also placing 3rd on Oricon’s daily chart.

LeeU announced he was leaving F.CUZ in May during the concert “F.antastic Live” that took place at Laforet Museum Roppongi.

At the time LeeU said “I was in F.CUZ while being under a different agency than the other members. But as time passed the two agencies started disagreeing and the music they wanted to pursue were different.”.

F.CUZ who until LeeU’s departure were active in Korea, Japan and Taiwan are now changing. There are plans for them to promote abroad at the same time as their Korean comeback in the beginning of next year.

source: kstarnews.jp
tran. cred; focuzed translations

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