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Hello. This is CANENT.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to bring good news about F.CUZ to the fans who’ve loved and supported them, and we are very happy.

After the withdrawal of a member, F.CUZ has remained silent about the matter, but finally they are announcing the addition of a new member.

For a while, F.CUZ has been promoting as a three membered unit group with Jinon, Kan, and Yejun. Although they’ve been lacking in places, they put forth great effort. To fill that lack, there has been an addition of a new member and they are currently practicing very hard for a Korean comeback at the beginning of 2012.

You are all probably very curious about the new member. To lessen your curiosity, we’ve revealed the first video teaser of the new member.

In this teaser, the new member sang, in his own style, the song “1994 One Late Night” by Jang Hyejin, who he has admired for a long time. We think that you’ll be able to sense his tender, yet strong young vocals and feel his charms in this video.

Through the song, he is meeting you for the first time and we ask for your continual love and support.

Lastly, please have lots of interest in F.CUZ, who will come back with a different image in 2012. Thank you.^^

trans. cr; focuzed translations
source cr; f.cuz’s fancafe

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