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[110513] Attention for Sul Woondo's son, the F.Cuz member with a sculpture-like appearance

A lot of attention surrounds singer Sul Woondo’s son, LeeU, who is the main vocalist of the idol group F.Cuz.

Sul Woondo was a guest on MBC’s “Good Day” on the 13th. He introduced his oldest son LeeU on the show while they were decorating the interior of his wife’s cafe.

His wife had decorated the cafe herself with pictures of Sul Woondo and F.Cuz posters.

LeeU stated, “Our Japanese fans visit my mother’s cafe very often” and showed the present that the Taiwanese fans gave his parents on Parents Day.

At this, Sul Woondo said, “LeeU still gets allowance from me. I hope he becomes really successful so that he can get me a new phone,” showing the close relationship he had with his son.

Netizens wrote, “I had a rough idea, but I didn’t know he was that good-looking,” “His face is a work of art,” “They look alike!,” “It’s nice to see such a warm character!”

On another note, F.Cuz held their first solo Japanese concert on the 12th successfully.

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