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In a recent interview with Newsen, Yejun told us he “lost about 12-15kg” and “I managed not to collapse physically but (in spirit) I did.”

While in a period of not promoting and their activities was being monitored it was decided that F.CUZ’s members needed to urgently diet so the members all started trying to lose weight. Yejun himself “had the focus of my meals being salad or fruit”.

Yejun revealed that “after having removed almost all meat from my food I started developing symptoms that were similar to anorexia” and “After I was allowed meat again I still thought that if I’d eat meat I’d get fat again so I deliberately tried throwing up”. Continuing he also said “Since starting activities again I’ve become able to eat normally without gaining weight” and “I wouldn’t be able to stand starving like that again” and laughed.

F.CUZ’s diet was very similar to a ‘war against meat’. Every morning we weighed ourselves with a competitive spirit. “We lied about our weight and became motivated by each others’ results, inspiring us to eat even less. It became a more violent “battle” than if we would have compared ourselves to another group. If I look back our results were almost the same”.


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