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LeeU recently confessed worries about his hair loss during an episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Citizens’ Talk Show Hello’.

During the show, LeeU expressed his fear of following his trot singer father’s (Seol Woon Do) footsteps in becoming bald later in life. He state,d “I was made fun of a lot when I was younger. When my friends would come across a shiny object, they would start making fun of me.”

He continued, “During promotions I put a lot of mousse or wax in my hair, and when I wash my hair I feel like my hair will rip off my head whole,” causing the studio to laugh.

When the MCs asked him to lift up his bangs, rather than a receding hairline, LeeU showed off a beautiful face.

Yoo Hee Yeol added, “If someone said to me, ‘Do you want to lose hair, or have that face?’, then I’d choose to have that face.”

credit: allkpop

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