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[110513] Attention for Sul Woondo's son, the F.Cuz member with a sculpture-like appea

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[110513] Attention for Sul Woondo's son, the F.Cuz member with a sculpture-like appearance

A lot of attention surrounds singer Sul Woondo’s son, LeeU, who is the main vocalist of the idol group F.Cuz.

Sul Woondo was a guest on MBC’s “Good Day” on the 13th. He introduced his oldest son LeeU on the show while they were decorating the interior of his wife’s cafe.

His wife had decorated the cafe herself with pictures of Sul Woondo and F.Cuz posters.

LeeU stated, “Our Japanese fans visit my mother’s cafe very often” and showed the present that the Taiwanese fans gave his parents on Parents Day.

At this, Sul Woondo said, “LeeU still gets allowance from me. I hope he becomes really successful so that he can get me a new phone,” showing the close relationship he had with his son.

Netizens wrote, “I had a rough idea, but I didn’t know he was that good-looking,” “His face is a work of art,” “They look alike!,” “It’s nice to see such a warm character!”

On another note, F.Cuz held their first solo Japanese concert on the 12th successfully.

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[11.04.24] “Dream Team” members, “Gag Concert” ballerinos bring explosive laughter

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On the “Let’s Go Dream Team” episode that aired on the 24th, the Dream Team cast battled it out with the National Ballet Company team.
Lee Sangin, Ricky Kim, Lee Hyun, and Jinon battled the ballerino team in a perfect rendition of “Gag Concert.”
Wearing multicolored wigs and revealing leotards, they showed off a sketch that they put ambitious preparation into, bringing laughter.
After barely putting on a smooth show, the awkward and embarrassed four people didn’t know how to handle themselves and stated “I didn’t know how important the barre was,” “This was really the best out of all I’ve done.”

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F.CUZ’s Kan is making a speedy recovery

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Despite being in a serious car accident a few day ago, F.CUZ’s Kan is reportedly making a speedy recovery.

On January 20th, member Jinon told Money Today Star News, “Kan dislocated his shoulder during the car accident. The process still needs to be carefully monitored, however his condition is making an improvement.”

He continued, “We were very upset that an accident like this had to occur during our new song promotions. He will need to be hospitalized for another month or two.”

On January 17th, Kan was driving back to Seoul with his personal team after filming for SBS’s “Athena: The Goddess of War” when the car slipped on ice near Incheon Airport. Kan and his team suffered both minor and major injuries after crashing into the guard rail.

Kan is currently wearing a guard for his dislocated shoulder, and also received stitches for his forehead and nose.


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Inkigayo January Issue photoshoot

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Twitter Lee U.

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we are in JAPAN!!! Yeah~~!!

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Twitter YeJun.

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Twitter JinOn.

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Yejun "(I) lost 15kg and developed Anorexia through dieting"

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In a recent interview with Newsen, Yejun told us he “lost about 12-15kg” and “I managed not to collapse physically but (in spirit) I did.”

While in a period of not promoting and their activities was being monitored it was decided that F.CUZ’s members needed to urgently diet so the members all started trying to lose weight. Yejun himself “had the focus of my meals being salad or fruit”.

Yejun revealed that “after having removed almost all meat from my food I started developing symptoms that were similar to anorexia” and “After I was allowed meat again I still thought that if I’d eat meat I’d get fat again so I deliberately tried throwing up”. Continuing he also said “Since starting activities again I’ve become able to eat normally without gaining weight” and “I wouldn’t be able to stand starving like that again” and laughed.

F.CUZ’s diet was very similar to a ‘war against meat’. Every morning we weighed ourselves with a competitive spirit. “We lied about our weight and became motivated by each others’ results, inspiring us to eat even less. It became a more violent “battle” than if we would have compared ourselves to another group. If I look back our results were almost the same”.


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Jin On imitates Kwon Sang Woo with 'Kwon SangWoo's short tongue impersonation'

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Jin On told us about the dangers of impersonating Kwon Sang Woo.

On the broadcast of General public talk show, 'Hello' which aired on November 29, 2010 on KBS 2TV, Jin On showed us a perfect impersonation of Kwon Sang Woo.

Jin On did his 'Kwon SangWoo's short tongue impersonation' which made everyone burst into laughter. In fact, Jin On's impersonation caught everyone's attention.

Jin On imitated Kwon Sang Woo perfectly with the vocal mimicry as well as facial expression. His resemblance to Kwon Sang Woo also attracted everyone's attention as it made his impersonation more attractive.

Fellow member, LeeU said that 'his tongue is actually getting shorter' which made everyone burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, LeeU has expressed his worry of inheriting the problem of genetic hair loss from his father.

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Yejun transforms into a Pokemon character

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Out of all the Korean idols, F.CUZ member Yejun is one of the most active users of twitter. Recently, Yejun posted a photo himself dressed up as the Pokemon character Pikachu.

He tweeted:

“Super!!! 피카츄 다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ / I’m Super!!! Pikachu “

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Releases MV for “Wanna be your Love”

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Last month, the boys F.CUZ released their 2nd mini-album “Gorgeous” along with the MV for the title track ‘Midnight Sun.’ The boys have been working hard trying to avoid the label of a failure group and now they’ve released a new MV for ‘친구졸업(Wanna be your Love).’

This MV is the polar opposite of Midnight Sun, they show a more cute and colorful image for this MV. Check it out below.

credit: allkpop

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F.CUZ reveals teaser photos for comeback

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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the boys of F.CUZ due to their imminent comeback with their album “Midnight Sun” in November. They’ve drafted renown composer Kim Hyung Seok to produce their title track, and the composer announced recently that auto-tune will not be utilized whatsoever for it.

Earlier in the week, F.CUZ revealed a video teaser for Midnight Sun and now photos for the comeback have been revealed.

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LeeU worries about becoming bald.

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LeeU recently confessed worries about his hair loss during an episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Citizens’ Talk Show Hello’.

During the show, LeeU expressed his fear of following his trot singer father’s (Seol Woon Do) footsteps in becoming bald later in life. He state,d “I was made fun of a lot when I was younger. When my friends would come across a shiny object, they would start making fun of me.”

He continued, “During promotions I put a lot of mousse or wax in my hair, and when I wash my hair I feel like my hair will rip off my head whole,” causing the studio to laugh.

When the MCs asked him to lift up his bangs, rather than a receding hairline, LeeU showed off a beautiful face.

Yoo Hee Yeol added, “If someone said to me, ‘Do you want to lose hair, or have that face?’, then I’d choose to have that face.”

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F.CUZ ranked #1 on Taiwanese Charts for ‘Midnight Sun’

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Idol group F.CUZ has been topping the charts in Taiwan with the release of their title track, “Midnight Sun“, from their new album “Gorgeous“.

On November 27th, the group’s title track “Midnight Sun” outranked both popular Taiwanese and Western hits to grab the #1 spot on the Taiwanese music charts, ‘EZipper‘.

Although the group has yet to fully launch into their album promotions, they are still receiving an great amount of interest from their Taiwanese fans.

“F.CUZ will release their 2nd mini-album ‘Gorgeous’ in Taiwan on December 9th, and will begin their Taiwanese promotions around then,” said F.CUZ’s agency.

credit: allkpop

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[Album Teaser] Midnight Sun(미드나잇 선) - F.CUZ(포커즈)

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[M/V] F.CUZ (포커즈) - Midnight Sun ( 미드나잇 선 )

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After attracting a fair amount of controversy with their previous teaser release, boy band F.CUZ has finally released the full music video for their comeback, “Midnight Sun.

True to their word, the song features absolutely no auto-tune and showcases the members’ vocal talent with dramatic choreography. They’ve definitely shed their “Jiggy” image for this charismatic transformation.

Check it out here:

credit: allkpop

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F.CUZ reveals MV teaser for “Midnight Sun”

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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the boys of F.CUZ due to their imminent comeback with their mini album “Gorgeous” in November. They’ve drafted renown composer Kim Hyung Seok to produce their title track, and the composer announced recently that auto-tune will not be utilized whatsoever for it.

They’ve released a video teaser, photos for their comeback, a 35 second audio teaser and now the MV teaser for their title track “Midnight Sun” has been revealed.

credit: allkpop

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F.CUZ Pre-Debut Videos

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