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miss D.
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111228 - Yejun “Thank You FANTASIA~”
Are you all healthy?
To everyone who came to our release events!!!
Thank you so much~~~~~~~
If not for you we wouldn’t exist
It’s true^^
Please anticipate our comeback!!!
Until next time^^

111228 - Kan “Are you all well?????”
F.antasia, are you all well? It’s Kan!
It’s really cold here in Korea TTTTTT
Thank you all for coming (to the release events)!!!!!
It was really fun~~
Let’s meet again next year^^
Please support us next year too!
I love you F.antasia

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F.CUZ’s Kan is making a speedy recovery

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Despite being in a serious car accident a few day ago, F.CUZ’s Kan is reportedly making a speedy recovery.

On January 20th, member Jinon told Money Today Star News, “Kan dislocated his shoulder during the car accident. The process still needs to be carefully monitored, however his condition is making an improvement.”

He continued, “We were very upset that an accident like this had to occur during our new song promotions. He will need to be hospitalized for another month or two.”

On January 17th, Kan was driving back to Seoul with his personal team after filming for SBS’s “Athena: The Goddess of War” when the car slipped on ice near Incheon Airport. Kan and his team suffered both minor and major injuries after crashing into the guard rail.

Kan is currently wearing a guard for his dislocated shoulder, and also received stitches for his forehead and nose.


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Profile: Kan.

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Real Name: Choi Young Hak ( 최영학 )
Position: Dance, Rapper, Vocal
Date of Birth: September 30, 1991 (age 18)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 72kg
Kan is currently studying at the Ahn Yang High School of Art, and has experiences from acting in several dramas prior to debut. Like Jin On and Ye Jun, Kan was in a dance team that used to include several top singers in Korea, such as famous star Rain
Kan, who receives prompt haircare thanks to his mother who runs a beauty salon, has been called the "Terminator" due to his good physical stamina and strength.

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