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Musical “Elizabeth,” Brilliant Casting Behind-The-Scenes Revealed

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The exact face of “Rudolf” the director was looking for, Lee Seunghyun makes a musical debut.

The last to be casted in “Elizabeth” is the youngest, Lee Seunghyun. Before, he used to be the center of focus for being the son of the extremely popular singer Sul Woondo. Although used to promote as a singer in the group F.Cuz, Seunghyun never stood on stage as an actor or a musical performer.

However Director Robert Johansen said, “He is the closest to the image of Rudolf I had. He has character and he possesses a voice that can portray a young man’s shaky emotions.” Kim Seungdae revealed his high expectations for Lee Seunghyun, who will be sharing a stage with veteran actors such as Jeon Dongseok.

Producer Kim Jiwon added, “Although the practice period was extremely short after receiving the all-original music scores, his audition was absolutely perfect and I was surprised. Rudolf’s representative number is “Shadows Get Longer.” It really left an impression on me. It is an extremely difficult song to digest, but Seunghyun’s singing skills and ability to portray emotions are through the roof.” Lee Seunghyun said that he did research on his character before auditioning.

Although he is not a very well-known singer, Lee Seunghyun is a hidden jewel. As the newcomer who has made the producers fall for him, we are looking forward to how Lee Seunghyun will portray the role of Rudolf.

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LeeU leaves a message for fans about withdrawing from F.CUZ

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It was previously reported that member LeeU was officially withdrawing from F.CUZ. Fans were able to read the agency’s official statement, but now it seems that LeeU himself has some words to say about his exit.

LeeU posted a number of tweets about how he is thankful for the kind words and support. He tweeted, “Everyone, this is my reason. It’s very late, but I wanted to say these words,” and attached a link to a longer message concerning his thoughts and feelings.

LeeU went on to state,

“As you’ve all read in the news reports, my F.CUZ members and I belonged to different agencies during our activities. However, as time went on, the paths that the agencies wanted to take, even down to music choice, became different so they had to go their separate ways. It was a very difficult time before this decision. Not being able to sleep was a given, it was so bad that I cried everyday seeing clips of our performances. No one can say it was easy for the two companies to come to this decision.

During the past 2 trainee years and 1 year after debut, the members were like family – we all cried and depended on one another during rough times, and my heart is breaking because we can’t keep the promise that we’d stick by each other until the end. Though things have turned out like this, we plan to keep the promise that we’ll still look after each other… In my head, I’m still the jokester and second biggest brother of F.CUZ; I’m F.CUZ’s main vocal LeeU, and I will forever be those things in my heart while remembering the happy times.

Yntil all four us are smiling together, until the day the four of us release an album as F.CUZ, please look at us kindly and not harshly, and I ask that you support us all. Thank you.”

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LeeU worries about becoming bald.

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LeeU recently confessed worries about his hair loss during an episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Citizens’ Talk Show Hello’.

During the show, LeeU expressed his fear of following his trot singer father’s (Seol Woon Do) footsteps in becoming bald later in life. He state,d “I was made fun of a lot when I was younger. When my friends would come across a shiny object, they would start making fun of me.”

He continued, “During promotions I put a lot of mousse or wax in my hair, and when I wash my hair I feel like my hair will rip off my head whole,” causing the studio to laugh.

When the MCs asked him to lift up his bangs, rather than a receding hairline, LeeU showed off a beautiful face.

Yoo Hee Yeol added, “If someone said to me, ‘Do you want to lose hair, or have that face?’, then I’d choose to have that face.”

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Profile: LeeU

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Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun ( 이승현 )
Position: Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: March 20, 1990 (age 19)
Height: 179cm
Weight: 63kg
Lee U was an ulzzang prior to debut. His father, Sul Woon Do, is a famous trot singer in Korea. Lee U first gained popularity in 2005 when he participated in many variety programs with his father. After the shot at fame, he was originally set to debut as a solo singer under the name U(唯;). LeeU fell head over heels in love with music when he was studying in America from his 2nd year of Middle School to 2nd year of High School.

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