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KBS Music Bank 01.07.11

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K-Pop Wave Concert in Thailand Courtesy of Arirang TV

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On April 21st, the K-Pop Wave Concert took place in Thailand which brought Korean idols, their fans, and a lot of excitement. Korea’s Arirang TV paired up with Thailand’s radio station, PD Creation to bring music from Korea to music fans in Thailand. Not only that but all proceeds from the concert went to benefit the earthquake relief effort in Japan. K-Pop artists’ who were in attendance: 2PM, Son Hoyoung, Kim Tae Woo, Infinite, Kim Hyung Joon, U-Kiss, and Park Jungmin. An additional concert was held on a later date on April 29th where TVXQ, Se7en, F. Cuz, MBLAQ, Teen Top, and the Boss performed. Even though it has been a few months since the big event, Arirang TV has produced some interview and performance clips from the day.

When asked about the opportunity to perform in Thailand at the concert Se7en replied, “I am happy to be performing with other Korean singers. We will make certain to perform our best.” TVXQ were asked the same question and their response was, “We are happy to take part in a concert with such a good purpose.”

『Midnight Sun』


credit: soompi

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Inkigayo January Issue photoshoot

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credit: fcuzed

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[perf] 101119 @ Music Bank F.Cuz - Friends Graduation + Midnight sun

bewitched, bothered and bewildered
101119 @ Music Bank F.Cuz - Friends Graduation + Midnight sun

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101121 @ Inkigayo F.Cuz - Midnight Sun
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101128 @ Inkigayo F.Cuz - Midnight Sun
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101203 @ Music Bank F.Cuz - Midnight Sun
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F.CUZ reveals teaser photos for comeback

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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the boys of F.CUZ due to their imminent comeback with their album “Midnight Sun” in November. They’ve drafted renown composer Kim Hyung Seok to produce their title track, and the composer announced recently that auto-tune will not be utilized whatsoever for it.

Earlier in the week, F.CUZ revealed a video teaser for Midnight Sun and now photos for the comeback have been revealed.

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F.CUZ Pre-Debut Videos

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