110820 - LeeU, Takeru

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Never let you go PV

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Twitter YeJun.

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Inkigayo January Issue photoshoot

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F.CUZ ranked #1 on Taiwanese Charts for ‘Midnight Sun’

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Idol group F.CUZ has been topping the charts in Taiwan with the release of their title track, “Midnight Sun“, from their new album “Gorgeous“.

On November 27th, the group’s title track “Midnight Sun” outranked both popular Taiwanese and Western hits to grab the #1 spot on the Taiwanese music charts, ‘EZipper‘.

Although the group has yet to fully launch into their album promotions, they are still receiving an great amount of interest from their Taiwanese fans.

“F.CUZ will release their 2nd mini-album ‘Gorgeous’ in Taiwan on December 9th, and will begin their Taiwanese promotions around then,” said F.CUZ’s agency.

credit: allkpop

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[M/V] F.CUZ (포커즈) - Midnight Sun ( 미드나잇 선 )

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After attracting a fair amount of controversy with their previous teaser release, boy band F.CUZ has finally released the full music video for their comeback, “Midnight Sun.

True to their word, the song features absolutely no auto-tune and showcases the members’ vocal talent with dramatic choreography. They’ve definitely shed their “Jiggy” image for this charismatic transformation.

Check it out here:

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Наш баннер~

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Rae Hyun 래현 Profile

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Rae Hyun 래현 Profile

Real Name: Kim Raehyun
Birthday: 91.06.08
Height: 178cm
Weight: 61kg
Bloodtype: O
Position: Vocal & Laundry^^
Education: Graduated from Anyang Arts High School, Sungyul University Theater & Film Department
Hobbies: Watching movies alone, sports with a ball, listening to old songs, martial arts
Specialties: Boxing, musical, golf, acrobats, acting
Nickname: Blackhole (I often don't understand what people are saying, and a bit confused)
Favorite food: Kimchi, samgyeopsal, sushi, chicken
Things you hate: Green peppers, snakes
Favorite colors: White, red
First thing you do in the morning: Turn off the alarm clock, pray
Thing you do before sleeping: Set alarm, pray
If you were an animal, what would you be: Calf
Motto: Diligence makes up for incompetence.
Role model: My dad, Eric Benet, Chekov


[SCHEDULE] F.CUZ's Schedule May 7~May 13

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- Monday

[LIVE] KBS-R Hong Jingyung's 2PM

- Tuesday

- Wednesday


- Thursday

- Friday

[LIVE] KBS Music Bank 6PM
[LIVE] MBC-R Kan Miyeon's Close Friends 8PM (Jinon)
[BRDCST] KBS Sponge 8PM (Short appearance in Experiment Camera - Jinon, Kan, Yejun)

- Saturday

[PERF] Dongdaemun Migliore mini-live 8:30PM

- Sunday

[BRDCST] KBS Let's Go Dream Team Season 2 10:30AM (Jinon)
[REC] KBS Let's Go Dream Team Season 2 (Jinon)

Source: F.CUZ's Daum Cafe
Translation+Re-up: MaxRide @ Fcuzed


[SCHEDULE] F.CUZ's Schedule May 14~May 20

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- Monday

[REC] MBC-R Shindong's Shim Shim Tapa 9PM (Jinon)
[BRDCST] MBC-R Shindong's Shim Shim Tapa Midnight (Jinon)

- Tuesday

[LIVE] KBS-R Park Cheol's Korea Tunes 4PM
[LIVE] MBC MUSIC Show Champion 7PM
[REC] SBSMTV The Show 8:30PM

- Wednesday

[REC] Arirang TV-R K-POP in 2PM
[REC] Arirang TV Wave K 7PM
[PUBLIC BROADCAST] Gyeonggi Broadcast M to M Junghwan's night nation 8PM (Hongdae)

- Thursday

[PUBLIC BROADCAST] Gyeongin Broadcast 9PM (Suwon Sungkyunkwan University)

- Friday

- Saturday

[PUBLIC BROADCAST] Peace Broadcast Midday K-pop Present 8PM (Lotte World)
[REC] ytn Live Power Music 9PM

- Sunday

Source: F.CUZ's Daum Cafe
Translation+Re-up: MaxRide @ Fcuzed


Dae Geon 대건 Profile

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Dae Geon 대건 Profile

Birth name: Kim Daegeon
Blood type:O
Position: Main vocal
Education: Graduated from Seo Seoul Life Science High School, Korea National Open University
Hobbies: Listening to music, cooking
Specialties: Singing, soccer, piano, cooking
Nickname: 2nd oldest hyung that seems like a magnae
Favorite food: Tonkatsu, fried rice, Pasta, samgyeopsal
Things you hate: None
Favorite color: Black
First thing you do in the morning: Wash face
Thing you do before sleeping: Listen to music broadcast
If you were animal, what animal would you be: Squirrel
Motto: Finish today's work today! "One who dies after eating is happier than one who dies without eating."
Role model: My mom, musiq soul child


[Ally] 120503 updates

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[F.CUZ latest news☆] The CD jackets for F.CUZ 3rd single “Drawing Heart” which will be released on June 13th have been revealed today! There are 2 versions, the regular edition and the limited edition! First up we reveal the limited edition!!

[F.CUZ latest news☆] Following up, we reveal the regular edition’s CD jacket!!

source: f.cuz official ally account
trans. cred; focuzed translations


[120410] F.CUZ transforms into a group of 5! Reveals their 2nd new member "Daegun".

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The idol group F.CUZ (focus) revealed their 2nd new member “Daegun” (currently 21) following their recently added member Raehyun.

Their agency, CAN Entertainment revealed their new member Daegun through a video posted on their youtube account as well as various other sites at midnight on the 10th.

In the video, singing Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” in his own style you see Daegun emitting much sensitivity. His husky beautiful voice is making people anticipate Daegun’s vocal abilities. His 179cm, round eyes and white skin makes you think of a nobleman.

After spending several years as a trainee he passed the audition to become F.CUZ new member. “I may not win in other areas, but when it comes to singing I have unstoppable greed. I’ll grow even better and become a source of strength for F.CUZ” he said.

F.CUZ who after adding Raehyun and Daegun has turned into a 5 member group will on the 14th of this month begin their activities through an online fanmeeting. They’ll release their new songs on the 27th and starting promotion activities for the first time in 1 year and 5 months time.

source; kstyle
trans. credit; focuzed translations

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111228 twitter

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111228 - Yejun “Thank You FANTASIA~”
Are you all healthy?
To everyone who came to our release events!!!
Thank you so much~~~~~~~
If not for you we wouldn’t exist
It’s true^^
Please anticipate our comeback!!!
Until next time^^

111228 - Kan “Are you all well?????”
F.antasia, are you all well? It’s Kan!
It’s really cold here in Korea TTTTTT
Thank you all for coming (to the release events)!!!!!
It was really fun~~
Let’s meet again next year^^
Please support us next year too!
I love you F.antasia

trans. cred; focuzed translations

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[111223] Cafe Post - “Five Membered F.Cuz”

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Hello. This CANENT.
Following the 20th, we have revealed another video.

In this new video, the newly revealed second member is singing, in his own style, the song “This Man” by Monday Kiz, a senior he has admired for a long time. We believe that this song shows the new member’s honest and appealing voice.

We thank the fans who have waited a long time and F.CUZ’s members Jinon, Kan, Yejun, and the newly added members are practicing very hard to show a new side of F.CUZ and to further develop themselves.

Please continue to support F.CUZ, which has now become a five-member group.

trans. cred; focuzed translations
source cred; f.cuz’s daum cafe

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[111220] Cafe Announcement - New Member! + Comeback

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Hello. This is CANENT.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to bring good news about F.CUZ to the fans who’ve loved and supported them, and we are very happy.

After the withdrawal of a member, F.CUZ has remained silent about the matter, but finally they are announcing the addition of a new member.

For a while, F.CUZ has been promoting as a three membered unit group with Jinon, Kan, and Yejun. Although they’ve been lacking in places, they put forth great effort. To fill that lack, there has been an addition of a new member and they are currently practicing very hard for a Korean comeback at the beginning of 2012.

You are all probably very curious about the new member. To lessen your curiosity, we’ve revealed the first video teaser of the new member.

In this teaser, the new member sang, in his own style, the song “1994 One Late Night” by Jang Hyejin, who he has admired for a long time. We think that you’ll be able to sense his tender, yet strong young vocals and feel his charms in this video.

Through the song, he is meeting you for the first time and we ask for your continual love and support.

Lastly, please have lots of interest in F.CUZ, who will come back with a different image in 2012. Thank you.^^

trans. cr; focuzed translations
source cr; f.cuz’s fancafe

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Musical “Elizabeth,” Brilliant Casting Behind-The-Scenes Revealed

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The exact face of “Rudolf” the director was looking for, Lee Seunghyun makes a musical debut.

The last to be casted in “Elizabeth” is the youngest, Lee Seunghyun. Before, he used to be the center of focus for being the son of the extremely popular singer Sul Woondo. Although used to promote as a singer in the group F.Cuz, Seunghyun never stood on stage as an actor or a musical performer.

However Director Robert Johansen said, “He is the closest to the image of Rudolf I had. He has character and he possesses a voice that can portray a young man’s shaky emotions.” Kim Seungdae revealed his high expectations for Lee Seunghyun, who will be sharing a stage with veteran actors such as Jeon Dongseok.

Producer Kim Jiwon added, “Although the practice period was extremely short after receiving the all-original music scores, his audition was absolutely perfect and I was surprised. Rudolf’s representative number is “Shadows Get Longer.” It really left an impression on me. It is an extremely difficult song to digest, but Seunghyun’s singing skills and ability to portray emotions are through the roof.” Lee Seunghyun said that he did research on his character before auditioning.

Although he is not a very well-known singer, Lee Seunghyun is a hidden jewel. As the newcomer who has made the producers fall for him, we are looking forward to how Lee Seunghyun will portray the role of Rudolf.

trans. cr; focuzed translations
orig. cr; naeil news

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[111223] A Christmas present from F.CUZ

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The visual boys group F.CUZ held a release event at Tower Records’ Shibuya store on the 23rd to commemorate the release of their 2nd Japanese single “LUV HOLIC/AROUND YOU”.

Starting off with the new single “LUV HOLIC” they sang 3 songs in total. During the event they hugged fans, laughed at Jinon who ripped his pants while dancing among other things making it a fun gathering. At the end of the event a rock-papper-scissor championship took place where the lucky fan winning got a signed poster as present.

After the live ended they also held a handshake event which was probably the best Christmas gift for the fans. On the same day at 11AM a teaser was revealed showing the 2 new members joining F.CUZ. 5 membered F.CUZ will certainly bring forth new characteristics and new charms.

source: KEJ News
trans. cred; focuzed translation

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